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Project has been discontinued, I started a new one because I didn't like how I structured API and didn't like the way I was rendering things (without any library). You can find my new CsLglcd library here:


Project description
This library is a .NET wrapper for Lglcd library, used to communicate with Logitech keyboards provided with a display, they are also called G-Series devices.
It actually supports all 160x43 black and white devices (G13, G15,...) and 320x240 Colored (QVGA (BGRA)) devices (G19,...)

More than just a wrapper
The library allows easier access to all Lglcd functions without the need of any interop code.
You will find yourself working with a normal C# class that hides all the ugly code needed to work with a C dll.

Documentation and samples
You can find samples directly inside the source code, the documentation is built directly inside the dll and you can still find a very short sample code on how to use the library in the documentation page

- Restored possibility to download and install GSdk.SkypePlugin, now with black and white support and correctly install dlls. I can't test on other computers, so I definitely need some feedbacks from someone who tested the applet
- I hide GSdk.SkypePlugin because I have to create an installer for it, it needs the skypeapi dll in common files folder
- You can try SkypePlugin now, it's available!
- I'm building a Skype plugin, it seems harder than I though to interface with a COM dll!!
- The remake of the audio tracker plugin (from Logitech) has been uploaded.

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